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Ugly Short Set

Ugly Short Set

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Introducing the newest, and perhaps strangest, fashion must-have: the Ugly Short Set from The Do it Ugly Brand! Forget the sleek and stylish; this combo is all about embracing your inner (and outer) weirdness. Our t-shirt and shorts set hit the streets just in time for spring...but you don't have to wait for the warm weather to rock this one. No matter what time of year it is, you'll be wearing the most unique pieces in town!

The t-shirt's soft cotton blend keeps you comfy all day long, while surprising details like mismatched color blocking or zany slogan prints make sure everyone around knows why they're doing it ugly. As if that weren't enough - add on some surprisingly eye-catching cargo shorts with bold stripes or bright colors - and you've got yourself an outfit like no other. Show off your daring fashion sense with some really wild shorts that'll keep heads turning!

Whether you're headed out for a shopping trip or visiting family, rock this established look with some expertly crafted edge and unbeatable confidence. Step outside of your comfort zone (literally!) and try something new this spring season with The Do it Ugly Brand's one-of-a-kind Ugly Short Set!
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